About us

Dawnland Contracting LLC offers a wide variety of home improvement services such as kitchens, baths, windows, doors, basement finishing and more. Who is Dawnland Contracting? Dawnland Contracting is member managed by Maurice Viens from Nashua NH. Maurice "Moe" has worked home remodeling day in and out for over 37 years and has consistently delivered quality work throughout those years. On New Year's Eve 2020 Maurice gave his notice at his old home improvement job and started Dawnland Contracting LLC. Now utilizing savvy independent designers, trusted family employees and technically skilled tradesmen we offer experienced home improvement services to customers in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine.


why work with us

- We listen to your ideas and concerns and build/renovate to your wishes with our experienced advice along the way.


- How will it happen?  We'll discuss with you what your looking for, then measure and photograph the work area. We get you a rough budget or final price depending on project. Our designer will often ask for a design retainer at this point if applicable (small or straightforward projects won't need one). From this point it's design and selections while we work to stay in the budget discussed. After design and selections we all sign the contract and we are bound to your project. Then it's production phase from there.


- Even though the bulk of our work is local staying in town isn't what we're about. Often our clients have other homes, family and friends that would like work done. Whether your place is seaside, lakes or mountains we can work with you to get your project completed. Ask us how we get the long distance jobs done. It's not as hard or expensive as some think.


-Insurance: One million liabilty from Ohio Mutual with all employees covered by workman's compensation. No worker is to be on your site without insurance for your protection and ours.              

-Credentials: New Hampshire business ID# 855367

                    Massachusetts HIC# 200906

                    Massachusetts Construction Supervisor License# CS-056357

                    Maine Charter# 20211199FC